Russian for Beginners

Russian for Beginners
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In this course for Beginners the students develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They learn the Cyrillic alphabet and are expected to master Russian penmanship. Topics revolve around the students’ immediate world, including self, family, friends, home communities, interests, food, professions, health, transportation, holidays, and seasons. In addition, this course seeks to develop and enhance an understanding of Russian culture.

Course contents

1. What is your name? Where are you from?
Greetings, names, places, naming things.Pronunciation and basic grammar, genders. Introduction to cases.

2. What do you do? Doing things, asking questions. Verbs, personal pronouns,prepositional case, conjunctions.

3. Describing things. Possession, purpose, accusative case, adjectives and adverbs.

4. Shopping. Buying things, counting. Plurals, numbers, additional spelling rules, genitive case, “to have” phrases.

5. Talking about the past... Past tense, reflexive verbs.

6. …and the future. Future tense, perfective and imperfective verbs, “to want”, dative case, demonstratives.

7. Everyday situations and learning. Use of tenses, more on perfectives and imperfectives, reported speech, “whether” phrases.

8. Conditions and requests. More on future tense, complex sentences, impersonal constructions, imperative form.

9. Instrumental case.

10. Time and age. Date, time, age, ordinal numbers.

11. Which one is better? Comparatives, superlatives, relative clauses, more-less constructions

12. What if? The conditional, obligation, negation, nothing – nobody – never

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