Valerii Semenchenko

Russian Teacher

Quite recent addition to the team, I came to Koh Samui for the first time in 2004 and am in love with this island ever since. After a year of Thai courses within the school, I decided it to be a splendid idea to apply and enrich my language teaching experience – which I got doing private lessons – with a flavor of international community, ever friendly and shining at (School name?).
Being it my mother tongue, I am a Russian language specialist with profound knowledge of both technical aspects and history of the language, which I was fond of exploring since I was a kid. Enthusiasm towards languages has brought me further into studying English-American philology in Charles University of Prague, which in turn introduced me to the thought of teaching both Russian and English languages.
To put it all shortly: I know stuff and it’s fun.
Apart from teaching, my passion lies within music. If I’m not listening to something, then I’m probably playing my guitar or composing.

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