I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 1: Absolute Beginner

I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 1: Absolute Beginner
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English Absolute Beginner

Students with little knowledge of English will learn basic survival conversation which will help them function in daily life.

English Absolute Beginner | Key features

  •  A focus on accuracy and fluency
  • Contemporary, real-world topics
  • Grammar in communicative contexts
  • Task-based listening activities
  • A thorough pronunciation syllabus
  • Frequent progress checks

English Absolute Beginner | Book contents

Unit 1 – It’s nice to meet you

Alphabet; greetings and leave-takings; names and titles of address; numbers 0 – 10; phone numbers and email addresses

Unit 2 – What’s this?

Possessions; classroom objects; personal items and locations in a room

Unit 3 – Where are you from?

Cities and countries; adjectives of personality and appearance; number 11 – 103 and ages

Unit 4 – Whose jeans are these?

Clothing; colours; weather and seasons

Unit 5 – What are you doing?

Clock time; times of the day; everyday activities

Unit 6 – My sister works downtown

Transportation; family relationships; daily routines; days of the week

Unit 7 – Does it have a view?

Houses and apartments; rooms; Furniture

Unit 8 – What do you do?

Jobs and workplaces

Unit 9 – Do we need any eggs?

Basic foods; breakfast foods; meals

Unit 10 – What sports do you play?

Sports; abilities and talents

Unit 11 – What sports do you play?

Sports; abilities and talents

Unit 12 – What’s the matter?

Parts of the body; health problems and advice; medications

Unit 13 – You can’t miss it.

Stores and things you can buy there; tourist attractions

Unit 14 – Did you have fun?

Weekends; chores and fun activities; vacations; summer activities

Unit 15 – Where did you grow up?

Biographical information; years; school days

Unit 16 – Can she call you later?

Locations; telephone calls; invitations: going out with friends

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