I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 4: Advanced

I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 4: Advanced
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English Advanced

Includes everything you need to continue refining English skills including grammar explanations, vocabulary building exercises and Cambridge Exam practice, listening and reading comprehension. Preparation assistance is provided for TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS.

English Advanced | Key features

  • A focus on accuracy and fluency
  • Contemporary, real-world topics
  • Grammar in communicative contexts
  • Task-based listening activities
  • A thorough pronunciation syllabus
  • Frequent progress checks

English Advanced | book contents

Unit 1 – That’s what friends are for!

Personality types and qualities; relationships; turn ons and turn offs

Unit 2 – Career moves

Jobs; careers of the future; job skills; summer jobs

Unit 3 – Could you do me a favour?

Favours; formal and informal requests; messages

Unit 4 – What a story!

The media; news stories; exceptional events

Unit 5 – Crossing cultures

Cultural comparisons and culture shock; moving abroad; emotions; customs; tourism and travel abroad

Unit 6 – What’s wrong with it?

Consumer complaints; everyday problems; electronics; repairs

Unit 7 – The world we live in

The environment; world problems; current issues

Unit 8 – Lifelong learning

Education; learner choices; strategies for learning; personal qualities

Unit 9 – Improvements

Everyday services; recommendations; self-improvement

Unit 10 – The past and the future

Historic events and people; biography; the future

Unit 11 – Life’s little lessons

Milestones and turning points; behaviour and personality; regrets

Unit 12 – The right stuff

Qualities for success; successful businesses; advertising

Unit 13 – That’s a possibility.

Pet peeves; unexplained events; reactions; complicated situations and advice

Unit 14 – Behind the scenes

How a movie is made; media professions; processes; the entertainment industry

Unit 15 – There should be a law!

Recommendations; opinions; local concerns; controversial issues

Unit 16 – Challenges and accomplishments

Challenges; accomplishments; goals; volunteering

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