I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 2: Beginner

I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 2: Beginner
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English Beginner

Students with limited knowledge of English will learn basic conversation, pronunciation, and grammar that will enable the student to function in a totally English environment.

English Beginner | Key features

  • A focus on accuracy and fluency
  • Contemporary, real-world topics
  • Grammar in communicative contexts
  • Task-based listening activities
  • A thorough pronunciation syllabus
  • Frequent progress checks

English Beginner | Book contents

Unit 1 – Please call me Beth.

Introductions and greetings; names, countries and nationalities

Unit 2 – What do you do?

Jobs, workplaces and school; daily schedules; clock time

Unit 3 – How much is it?

Shopping and prices; clothing and personal items; colours and materials

Unit 4 – I really like hip-hop.

Music, movies and TV programs; entertainers; invitations and excuses; dates and times

Unit 5 – I come from a big family.

Families; typical families

Unit 6 – How often do you exercise?

Sports, fitness activities and exercise; routines

Unit 7 – We had a great time!

Free-time and weekend activities

Unit 8 – What’s your neighbourhood like?

Stores and places in a city; neighbourhoods; houses and apartments

Unit 9 – What does she look like?

Appearance and dress; clothing and clothing styles; people

Unit 10 – Have you ever ridden a camel?

Past experiences; unusual activities

Unit 11 –  It’s a very exciting place!

Cities; hometowns; countries

Unit 12 – It really works!

Health problems; medication and remedies; products in a pharmacy

Unit 13 – May I take your order?

Food and restaurants

Unit 14 – The biggest and the best!

World geography and facts; countries

Unit 15 – I’m going to a soccer match.

Invitations and excuses; leisure-time activities; telephone messages

Unit 16 – A change for the better!

Life changes; plans and hopes for the future

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