I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 3: Intermediate

I SPEAK ENGLISH Level 3: Intermediate
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English Intermediate

Students are taught functional English as they learn to complete job application forms, shop wisely, complete medical history forms, read newspapers, etc.

English Intermediate | Key features

  • A focus on accuracy and fluency
  • Contemporary, real-world topics
  • Grammar in communicative contexts
  • Task-based listening activities
  • A thorough pronunciation syllabus
  • Frequent progress checks

English Intermediate | Book contents

Unit 1 – A time to remember

People; childhood; memories

Unit 2 – Caught in the rush

Transportation; transportation problems; city services

Unit 3 – Time for a change!

Houses and apartments; lifestyle changes; wishes

Unit 4 – I’ve never heard of that!

Food; recipes; cooking instructions; cooking methods

Unit 5 – Going places

Travel; vacations; plans

Unit 6 – OK. No problem!

Complaints; household chores; requests; excuses; apologies

Unit 7 – What’s this for?

Technology; instructions

Unit 8 – Let’s celebrate!

Holidays; festivals; customs; celebrations

Unit 9 – Times have changed!

Life in the past, present and future; changes and contrasts; consequences

Unit 10 – I hate working on weekends.

Abilities and skills; job preferences; personality traits; careers

Unit 11 – It’s really worth seeing!

Landmarks and monuments; world knowledge

Unit 12 – What happened?

Storytelling; unexpected recent past events

Unit 13 – Good book, terrible movie!

Entertainment; movies and books; reactions and opinions

Unit 14 – So that’s what it means!

Nonverbal communication; gestures and meaning; signs; drawing conclusions

Unit 15 – What would you do?

Money; hopes; predicaments; speculations

Unit 16 – What’s your excuse?

Requests; excuses; invitations reporting

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