Applying for an EDUCATION VISA

Samui Language School is approved by the Ministry of Education and has the appropriate license to offer the Education Visa (ED Visa).

You can apply for this visa either at our school in Samui or from your own country.

Overseas applicants who apply online for the ED Visa will have their documents sent to them via FedEx/DHL and the tracking number will be sent by email. (1)
The Education Visa (ED) application process is a simple one.

Once you have bought your Thai or English language package from Samui Language School, we will be able to provide you with a letter from the Thai Ministry of Education (MOE) to enable you to get your Education Visa at no extra cost.

Thailand Educational Visa (ED Visa)
Thailand Educational Visa (ED Visa)

Step 1: Gather Documents

In order for us to apply for the letter from the MOE, we will require the following documents from you:

  • Ministry Of Education forms (three different forms are required: “Application and Registration Form”, “Personal History Check” and “Purpose of Attending Courses”) which are provided. We require 2 hand-written copies of each form.
  • Twenty (20) passport photographs (2 x 1.5 inches or 5 cm x 4 cm) – business dress ONLY please
  • Five (5) complete copies of your passport (1 passport page per A4) – photo page plus every page that has been stamped, together with Thai Departure card if applicable.  You must sign every copied page.
  • Three (3) copies of an education/degree certificate if applicable/available, this is desirable but not essential. Each copy must be signed.
  • Three (3) copies of an up-to-date bank statement or Thai bank passbook showing a credit balance of 1,000 USD or the equivalent, each copy must be signed.
  • One (1) Police clearance certificate (not older than 6 months). If you are on Samui we can help you with this certificate and get it for you.
  • Details of which Embassy or Consulate you will obtain your new visa from [1]
  • One (1) signed copy of our terms and conditions.

As the MOE require the original signed documents, you will need to mail the items listed above by EMS (within Thailand) or a trackable courier provider (from outside of Thailand).
We can’t accept faxed or emailed copies.

Please scan each document and email to us for vetting before sending the originals.

If you apply from your home country please double check the requirements with the local Thai Embassy/Consulate, because the list of documents depends on which country you reside in.
Important information: if you do not submit a complete application, your application may be rejected and this will delay the process, please be complete and accurate.

Step 2: Pay the fees

A 50% payment of the tuition fee is required at this stage of the process; you can use either of the following options (further details will be provided upon the Student’s request):

  • *PayPal (Please add 5% service charges to your payment if you use PayPal)
  • *Bank Transfer
  • *Pay cash at School

Step 3: MOE | Approval letter

We will send all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Surat Thani, who will issue an approval letter. You will need this letter when you apply for your ED visa.
Please allow 4-5 weeks to receive it; processing times can vary, depending on how many applications the MOE receives.

Step 4: Visa & Final Payment

When we get a letter of acceptance from the MOE, we will send it to you together with the school letter and all the documents you need to apply for your ED Visa.
Upon receipt of the approval letter you are required to pay the remaining 50% of the school fees (together with the shipping costs) as mentioned above. We will then send you the relevant papers needed for you to apply for a “3 month single entry ED visa”at a Thai Embassy or Consulate outside of Thailand. (3)

Once you arrive in Thailand please check your entry stamp before leaving the immigration booth and make sure that you have a 90 day permit to stay.

After you start your lessons with us we provide further documents every 90 days for you to extend your visa at Koh Samui Immigration office.

Refund Policy

In the rare incident that you are refused an ED Visa approval letter, you will receive a full refund of your course fees from Samui Language School, less 2,500 THB administration costs. Should you have further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


1) People of all nationalities can apply for the ED Visa or Student Visa, but please note that the following citizens must return to their own countries to obtain the ED Visa: China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, all middle eastern countries, all African countries with the exception of South Africa.