Let’s Talk Business | every Friday from 9am to 11am

Let’s Talk Business | every Friday from 9am to 11am

Let’s Talk Business! Our new Business English course teaches you the essential language skills to succeed in the business world.

Let’s Talk Business is an English conversation class for beginner to intermediate level students who would like to discuss business relevant topics in English with other like-minded individuals.
Let’s Talk Business is a fun, personal-introductory course with a workshop-type-of-vibe going on.
Let’s Talk Business: whatever your workplace, our Business English course will help you with the valuable skills needed to communicate effectively. From learning formal vocabulary, improving pronunciation, preparing presentations in English, office correspondence, negotiations and much more. We also provide job-interview training as well as help with CV/resume writing.

Let’s Talk Business: every Friday from 9am to 11am | first class August 18th, 2017

Let’s Talk Business: click HERE for the location

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