Sebastian Thorer

German Teacher

My name is Sebastian Thorer. I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, where I graduated from high-school in 1977. Apart from English and ancient Greek I learned the Latin language for ten years which is the basis for other Roman languages such as Italian, French and Spanish. In 1980 I moved to the United States and studied recording engineering at the University of Sound Arts in Hollywood, California. In the following years I worked with countless renowned artist, not only as an engineer but also as a vocal coach in terms of phonetics and languages. That’s when English became my second “native” language. For 30 years I kept coaching singers and musicians, teaching up-and- coming recording engineers, giving lectures and writing articles for professional journals. In 2007 I spent my vacation on Koh Samui, fell in love with this beautiful island and made the decision to relocate despite the fact I would not only have to change the location but also my scope of work. Immediately I started to learn Thai and shortly after combined my knack for teaching and languages into developing a unique German language course especially designed for Thais, being also able to teach in Thai. Ever since I have been teaching individuals, hotel staff and students at the International School of Tourism with great passion. To round it up, this German-course is supported by hundreds of online exercises which make it one of the most efficient courses available.

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