School Rules

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  • DO turn off your cell phone before class and keep it off until school is over. Off means off – not on vibrate. That buzzing sound is distracting to everyone around you and will cause you to wonder who is trying to reach you.
  • DO be on time for class. Walking in late shows a lack of respect towards the teacher and your fellow classmates. It is also unfair to the teacher to have to repeat content.
  • DO show respect to anyone who is speaking.
  • DO be polite, remember your “pleases” and “thank yous”.
  • DO give the staff ample notice if you need any kind of document/form/letter.
  • DO ask homework, if you want them ???
  • DO talk to your teachers if you are concerned about your progress.
  • DO have fun. Yes, it is school, but it is enjoyable! Make the most of it.
  • DO listen to others.
  • DO respect each other and other people’s property.
  • DO treat people the way you would like to be treated.
  • DO be on time and sign out every lesson.
  • DO keep the classroom tidy.
  • DO be comfortable but please dress appropriately
  • DO be happy, try to make others happy and smile!


  • DON’T be absent from school. 75% attendance is the minimum requirement. Attendance in the school is mandatory except in cases of emergency.
  • DON’T display rude or inappropriate behavior; be physically or verbally abusive.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask to if you don’t understand. Take notes so you don’t forget.